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  • Engine: MACK MP8 12.8 litre, MAXI-CRUISE torque settings, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Emission Level Euro5 (ADR80/03), Horsepower (Hp) 500 535, Torque (lb–ft) 1840 1920
    Fan: Behr Visco drive (electric over viscous fan clutch), 750mm (29.5”) 9-blade nylon fan
    Radiator: NL3, Frontal area 1,435in²
    Exhaust: Single RHS frame mounted catalyst with stainless heat shield, Outlet single RHS 152mm (6”) vertical exhaust (Day Cab), Outlet twin 152mm (6”) vertical exhaust (Day Cab/Sleeper Cab), Outlet single 127mm (5”), underframe outlet (optional), Exhaust tip height above ground 3.5mtr, Exhaust tip height above ground 4.2mtr(optional)
    Air Intake & Filter: Donaldson 279mm (11") single dry type element, mounted under bonnet, Painted steel dust extractors and external raised air intakes mounted in front of the cabin ‘A’ pillars
    Filters: 2 full flow and 1 bypass engine mounted oil filters, 2 step dual engine mounted fuel filters/water separator
    Air Compressor: 2 CYL. 900 litres/min WABCO compressor
  • Type: Eaton 394mm (15.5”) Easy Pedal with VCT Plus, Eaton ‘Solo’ with VCT Plus (optional), SACHS 430mm (17”) Single Plate (mDRIVE only), Air assist clutch release
  • Model: Manual and Automated Manual transmissions, (Refer Transmission Chart), Transmission oil cooler
    Make: Mack mDRIVE (standard)
    Model: AT2612D (Direct)
    Max Torque Capacity: 1,920ft–lbs
    FWD Gears: 12
    Rev gears: 2
    LO/ HI: 14.94/1.0
    Type: Fully Automated, Manual
    Make: Eaton
    Model: RTLO20918
    Max Torque Capacity: 2,050ft–lbs
    FWD Gears: 18
    Rev gears: 4
    LO/ HI: 14.40/0.73
    Make: Eaton
    Model: RTLO22918
    Max Torque Capacity: 2,250ft–lbs
    FWD Gears: 18
    Rev gears: 4
    LO/ HI: 14.40/0.73
    Type: Manual
    Note: RTL020918 and MP8 535hp <60tonnes
    PTO Provision: Rear of engine PTO (CA), Transmission mounted PTO (optional on mDRIVE), Prep kit, switch, wiring and software (mDRIVE) (optional)
  • Front Axle: Mack FXL with unitised hubs (Refer Steer Axle Chart), Axle position: Axle back: 1,297mm Bumper to Front Axle
    Steer Axle: Make:Mack
    Model: FXL 14.6
    Capacity: 14,600lbs (6.6t)
    Suspension*: (P3,M7)
    Comments: Standard axle
    Make: Mack (Aus)
    Model: Twin FXL 14.6
    Capacity: 29,200lbs (13t)
    Suspension*: (P3)
    Comments: Load share (CA)
    Make: Mack (NZ)
    Model: Twin FXL 14.6
    Capacity: 29,200lbs (13t)
    Suspension*: (P3)
    Comments: Non-load share (CA)
    Make: Meritor
    Model: FG941
    Capacity: 14,600lbs (6.6t)
    Suspension*: (P3, M7)
    Comments: Disc brakes (CA)
  • Rear Axles: Mack, Meritor and Dana axle options (Refer Drive Axle Chart), Ratings 20 to 22.7 tonne
    Drive Axle: Make: Mack
    Model: S440 (150/200 series)
    Capacity: 44,000lbs (20t)
    Ratios: 4.19, 4.50, 4.80* / 4.35, 4.73, 5.02**
    Ratios (mDRIVE): 3.11, 3.25, 3.40
    Suspension: AL460
    Make: Mack
    Model: S462 (150/200 series)
    Capacity: 46,000lbs (21t)
    Ratios: 4.19, 4.50, 4.80* / 4.35, 4.73, 5.02**
    Ratios (mDRIVE): 3.11, 3.25, 3.40
    Suspension: AD246
    Make: Meritor
    Model: RT46-160
    Capacity: 46,000lbs (21t)
    Ratios: 4.30, 4.56, 4.89*
    Ratios (mDRIVE): 3.07, 3.21, 3.42
    Suspension: AL460 / AP460 /AD246 / MIL-H
    Make: Dana
    Model: D46-170
    Capacity: 46,000lbs (21t)
    Ratios: 4.30, 4.56, 4.78*
    Ratios (mDRIVE): 3.07, 3.21, 3.42
    Suspension: AL460 (CA only)
    Make: Dana
    Model: D50-170
    Capacity: 50,000lbs (21t)
    Ratios: 4.30, 4.56, 4.78*
    Ratios (mDRIVE): 3.07, 3.21, 3.42
    Suspension: AD246 (CA only)
    **Mack ratios with * relate to Mack 150 series carriers/ Mach ratios in ** relate to Mack 200 series carriers
  • Inter-axle/Wheel Locks: DCDL one axle only (vendor axles only), DCDL’s on both axles (optional), Mack Power Divider (standard with Mack axles)
  • Front Suspension: 1,321mm (52”) long springs (Refer Steer Axle Chart)
  • Rear Suspension: Air and mechanical spring options (Refer Drive Axle Chart), Ratings 18 to 21 tonne, Out board mounted shock absorbers, In-board mounted shock absorbers (optional on AL460 only)
    NB: “Road Friendly” capable suspensions available - speak with your Authorised Dealer regarding options.
  • Brakes: Front and Rear automatic slack adjusters, Type 20 Front brake boosters, S’ Cam with iron drums, S’ Cam with centrifuse drums (optional), Type 30/30 Rear brake boosters, Low tare alloy hubs (optional), ABS or (optional) ABS with Traction Control, Grade Gripper - hill start assist, Road Stability Advantage (ESP - Electronic Stability Program)- Optional
    Engine Brake: Advanced PowerLeash engine brake, Engine retarding power up to 315Kw (495hp) @ 2,100rpm
  • Steering Gear: Sheppard M100P, Steering ratio 18.9:1
  • Wheels: 10-stud 8¼” (285mm PCD) steel disc
    10-stud options:
    10-stud 8¼” (285mm PCD) machine buff / polished alloy/ DURABRIGHT alloy discs, 10-stud 9” (285mm PCD) polished alloy or DURABRIGHT alloy discs
    Tyres: Bridgestone / Michelin tyres
    Tyre Equipment: Wheel lug wrench kit, Bottle jack (optional)
  • Specs: Stainless Steel D tank straps (CA), 26” round polished alloy tanks (Refer Wheelbase Chart), Large capacity polished D-shaped tanks (optional)
  • Chassis: Advantage 300mm x 90mm x 8mm*,156,000psi/RBM 1,940,000in lb, Advantage 300mm x 90mm x 9.5mm*,184,000psi/RBM 2,240,000in lb
    *Dependent on wheel base and axle capacity
    Afterframe: 1365mm (53.7”) to 2,810mm (110.6”), All chassis lengths can be specified with tapered rail ends
    Cab Support: Front: Two metalistic pivot mounts, Rear: Air isolation with dual cabin shock absorbers, Fully suspended cab, Rear panard rod
    Bullbar/ Bumper/ FUPS: Light weight alloy bumper, Polished alloy bullbar (optional), Front Underrun Protection
    Chassis Access Step: Staired and perforated 2 step design (optional)
  • Batteries: 12volt Bulldog batteries, high capacity (620 CCA), LH and RH frame mounted with black battery box cover, Polished aluminium battery box cover (optional), Batteries mounted in sleeper if fitted, Stacked battery box (CA only)
    Alternator: Leece Neville 12volt/160Amp Brushed, Leece Neville 12volt/160Amp Brushless (optional), Leece Neville 12volt/185Amp Brushless (optional)
    Starter: Delco 39MTHD 12volt electric starter, Key type start and stop
    Electrical: Chassis harness with protective conduit, Electrical prep kit, Body Builder chassis connections (optional)
    Courtesy Lamps: Drivers/Passengers door entry lighting, Ambient floor lighting
    Headlamps: Hella integral light/indicator unit with polycarbonate lens
    Marker & Tail Lamps: 5 roof-mounted amber lights and 3 in 1 tail lamp, LED roof clearance and tail lamps (optional)
    Reversing Alarm: Chassis mounted back up alarm (optional)
    Warning Beacon: Single amber revolving roof beacon (optional), Double amber revolving roof beacons (optional), Double amber revolving beacons air intake mounted (optional), Beacons mounted on sleeper when a sleeper is selected
    Hook up Lamp: Rear of cab mounted hook up lamp (optional)
  • Wheelbase: 4485mm (176.6”) to 5795mm (242”)
  • Air Dryer:
    Bendix AD-IS air dryer
    Remote Breathers:
    Transmission, fuel and axle remote breather kit (optional)
    Trailer Connections:
    Trailer - connections back of cab
    Trailer - connections back of cab and rear of frame (optional)
    Rigid - trailer connections rear of frame
    Air: Service and emergency with blanking plugs
    Electrical: 12volt 7-pin female base with HD 5mm² cabling
    Mack telematics system - speak with your Authorised Dealer
    for further information.
    Fusion Cab, ECE29 (cab strength test) compliant, Two piece windscreen
    Sleeper Options:
    710mm (28”) Super Cab with rear cabin extension
    911mm (36”) High-rise premium sleeper - 3 door (CA)
    1,015mm (40”) Mid-rise premium sleeper – 4 door
    1,170mm (46”) Mid-rise premium sleeper – 4 door
    1,170mm (46”) High-rise premium sleeper – 4 door
    1,320mm (52”) Mid-rise premium sleeper – 4 door
    1,320mm (52”) High-rise premium sleeper – 4 door
    All standard sleepers have 4 access doors and vertical cab extenders.
    * Note additional sleeper options are available, speak with your Authorised Dealer.
    Cab Interior:
    Overhead storage (up to 3 pockets based on cab configuration), Rear Wall storage available (based on cab configuration), Door Storage (2 pockets), Cup Holders in dash, Centre storage console (available based on cab configuration), Interior Trim - pleated ultra leather or diamond plate, Central locking available, Power windows available (optional), Self cancelling signals available (optional), Internal grab handles, Speak with your Authorised Dealer for all options
    Driver: ISRI ‘Big-Boy’ air-ride Premium: ‘MACK’ embossed cloth trim, LH arm rest, upper, side and lower lumbar support with oscillating base and fore/aft seat cushion adjustment
    Driver: ISRI ‘Big-Boy’ air-ride (optional): Cloth trim, upper, side and lower lumbar support with fore/aft seat cushion adjustment
    Passenger: ISRI fixed cushion
    Passenger: ISRI luxury air ride seat with upper and lower lumbar support, and fore/aft seat cushion adjustment(optional)
    Steering Wheel:
    Bulldog soft touch rubber grip 457mm (18”) diameter, Elite leather grip steering wheel (optional), Adjustable tilt and telescopic steering column
    Driver information display-Co-Pilot, Speedometer/odometer (electronic), Tachometer/hourmeter (electronic), Voltmeter, engine hours, distance, trip recording, Engine coolant temperature, fuel and AdBlue levels, Primary and secondary air pressure, Oil pressure and oil temperature
    Full Gauge Package:
    Manifold pressure, transmission temperature, exhaust temperature,
    brake application pressure, front and rear drive axle temperature
    Windscreen Wipers:
    Electronic variable-speed, intermittent wipers with washer, Reservoir mounted under bonnet
    Audio System:
    Premium Radio/CD player including hands free, iPod connector and USB connector
    GME CB radio (optional), GME UHF radio (optional)
    Climate Control:
    HVAC integral cab air conditioner/heater, Electronic controls, Replaceable dust intrusion filter
    Safety & Warning:
    Set of 3 safety warning triangles, Door mounted emergency procedure guide (optional), Emergency eye wash bottle (optional), 2.5kg in cab mounted fire extinguisher (optional)
    Cab Exterior:
    Fibreglass bonnet and polyfibre fenders with splash aprons, Bonnet tilts forward with spring assist, Chrome grille surround and side air intakes, Polished stainless steel cab skirts and air intake tubes, Black nylon bonnet hold down straps, Bright finish bonnet hold down straps (optional), Stainless bug screen integrated with grille, Painted external sunvisor, Stainless steel exterior sunvisor (optional)
    2 x roof mounted, air horn trumpets, 2 x under bonnet mounted, electric
    Heated ‘West Coast’ mirrors with stainless steel arms, LH and RH power mirrors (optional), LH and RH 7” spotter mirrors, LH down mirror (optional)
    Windsreen Stone Guard:
    Matt black mesh windscreen stone guard (optional)
    Paint Type & Colour:
    Cab/sleeper: Single non-metallic cab colour (Incredible white standard), Chassis: Single non-metallic chassis colour (black standard), Epoxy Mine specification primer (CA)
    Additional factory fitted accessories are available,speak with your Authorised Dealer for full details.
    * Subject to conditions
    Refer to your authorised Mack Dealer for:
    Detailed information
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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